Thank you for your interest in fundraising for YMCA North Staffordshire! Every penny or pound you raise powers our crucial work. Here is a list of some fantastic fundraising tips.
Our priorities are the welfare of our volunteers, staff and supporters and maintaining our extensive service. Due to COVID-19, we can’t fundraise in the same ways we usually do. But our services continue to support those in our local community, and they need your support more than ever. So we have included some great ways you can continue to support YMCA North Staffordshire by fundraising from home, or your community!
Once you’ve chosen a fundraising idea, be sure to register your event with us to access helpful support and resources.
Your £2,000 contribution is much more than just a donation, it is a life chance. You are providing a local young person with a home to build a more thriving and independent life. 

Fundraising with colleagues!

Fundraising at work is fun, it’s a piece of cake. We’ve put together some brilliant ideas for you to get your colleagues involved.


Crazy Shirt Day

Ask your colleagues for a donation to take part. Why not take it a touch further and get everyone to dress in a specific colour? Get together and judge the winner.

Raffle A Day Off Work

Nothing motivates people to act on behalf of a good cause quite like the promise of a day off from work. Sell raffle tickets for the chance to win the opportunity for an extra day of annual leave.

Sponsored Silence

A constant favourite. Why not try to get the whole team involved too – or maybe even your boss -we’d give anything to keep our boss silent for a short while.

Become A Partner

There are several ways your organisation can support YMCA North Staffordshire, through strategic partnerships to nominating us as Charity of the Year.

Donate An Hours Pay

Imagine how much money you could potentially raise if you encouraged everyone in your workplace to donate one hour of their pay to charity. Everyone does their bit.


Personal fundraisers!

These are our topmost simple fundraising ideas that you can take on yourself to make a significant impact. Raise money to support your local YMCA.


Get Sponsored

This one is our top suggestion: get sponsored to do something silly or challenging – or both! Whether you’re going to sit in a bath of beans or wear a chicken costume to work, it doesn’t matter. Set up a JustGiving page then share it with your friends, family and colleagues who will support you.

Gaming For Good

Turn your passion for gaming into a life chance. With gaming for social good, you can live stream playing your favourite video game for hours while raising money for us!

Head Shave

Shaving your head is a great and easy way to raise money! Simply set up a Just Giving page and get the word out through social media channels. Put up some photos of before and after.

Get Your Friends Involved Too

You don’t have to fundraise alone, why not get your friends, family or colleagues involved? From pub quizzes, dinner parties to dress down days in the office, there’s something for everyone to get involved.
As an individual, as a business or as part of a network, you can make a huge difference to the lives of local young people by choosing to support YMCA North Staffordshire in your workplace.

Why fundraise for us?

Each year we provide over 64,000 room nights to young people, offering them a safe and secure journey to gain independence. We believe in young people and it is from that belief that we strive to ensure that all young people are given the opportunity to reach their potential and succeed. Your support guarantees that young people are given the best life chances to thrive.