The YMCA Dispute Resolution Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) can also be ordered via the court. Where an application to the court has been made by a parent/grandparent/family member, the order is likely to include a referal on to the SPIP. The programme will then be provided FREE of charge.

SPIP is 4-hour group session which produces an individual plan of action for children affected by conflict when a relationship breaks down.

SPIP benefits your child, your friends and family who are concerned by the potential effects of relationship breakdown.

Why do I need SPIP?

SPIP benefits my child to:

  • better perform at school
  • be less likely to get into trouble
  • improve their attention span
  • help with friendships and being social
  • improve their confidence and communication

SPIP benefits me to:

  • reduce potential legal costs and stress
  • meet other parents and benefit from the firendly approach with group support
  • better understand my own circumstances so I can build a personal action plan

We believe every family should have the support they need to develop and lead more fulfilling lives

Apply today

for further information and to apply for SPIP please contact:

01782 222389