A dedicated team that consists of young people, staff and community members are to abseil down YMCA’s Edinburgh House tower to raise funds for an incredible project that helps to benefit the lives of children and young people.

We previously visited the camps as recent as 2018, what we saw will stay with us forever. Now we want to raise money for the charity (Rise 2 Shine Ministries) that is intensively supporting the communities in the unrelenting conditions.

About Rise 2 Shine Ministries.

Rise2Shine Ministries was founded in Romania by the Dutch-Romanian couple Frank and Rita Stout. The charity currently supports 3 Roma camps on the edge of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Their vision is to give hope in hopeless situations. The charity currently offers educational programs as well as humanitarian aid and respite for children, young people and their families.

Michelle, with three Roma camp children.

"I was so shocked with what I saw."

Adam, 21 speaks of his journey to the Roma Camps

I expected to see poverty, but what I saw will stay with me for the rest of my life. The Roma Camps are filled with so many children and young people who are striving for the hope of a better future. We visited the camps to volunteer and run youth activities, we succeeded in our mission, but now we want to do more. We have to do more. That is why I am abseiling to raise funds to further the missionary work of Rise 2 Shine ministries. Any help that you can give is thankfully received.

Jordan, speaking with three Roma Camp children.