The Youth Governance Team is a group of staff, volunteers and residents who want to represent young people and give them a chance for their voice to heard across Stoke-on-Trent and beyond.

Young Leaders

Name: Charley Morgan

YMCA Role: Community Housing Officer, Youth Governance Member, Youth Ambassador

Age: 26

Favourite YMCA Memory: Visiting Denmark for YMCA World Council 2022

Name: Amy Murray

YMCA Role: Youth Engagement Officer, Youth Governance Member, Youth Ambassador


Favourite YMCA Memory: NCS Summer Residentials

Name: Dan Boon

YMCA Role: Digital Marketing Assistant, Youth Governance Member, Youth Ambassador

Age: 23

Favourite YMCA Memory: Attending the 20th World Council in Aarhus, Denmark.

Name: Jade Carter

YMCA Role: Accounts Apprentice & Youth Governance Member

Age: 21

Favourite Music Artist: Anne – Marie

Name: Daniel Summerill

YMCA Role: IT Assistant & Youth Governance Member

Age: 23

Favourite Music Artists: Fisher, Darren Styles & Calvin Harris

Name:  Finlay Gordon-McCusker

YMCA Role:  Youth Governance Member


Favourite Music Artists: The Carpenters

Name: Becky Kendall

YMCA Role: Youth Governance Member


Favourite Music Artists:

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