Transforming Mental Health for Young People

I Like Me is a new project that aims to empower and strengthen young people aged 11 to 18 with mental health difficulties through peer to peer support. The project will work with schools, colleges and other youth providers to recruit and equip 20 Peer Educators that will entail using their skills to support young people in schools, colleges and youth-focused organisations.

We know that any child or young person can face mental health difficulties and this experience has led us partnering with YMCA England & Wales and the NHS to support the annual #IAMWHOLE campaign.

YMCA believes that every young person can truly belong, contribute and thrive

Our I Like Me project targets three focus areas:

  1. Support – Ensuring young people have swift access to appropiate and effective services.
  2. Stigma – Tackiling the stigma that may prevent young people from speaking out and seeking help.
  3. Signpost Making sure that young people know what support is availabe to them and where to find it.

Important Details

Freaquently Asked Questions

What is a Peer Educator?

A Peer Educator will be someone who is a highly motivated person who wishes to use their time to support their peers and raise awareness of mental health difficulties. There will be 20 Peer Educators in total so they will be a member of a new exciting group of change-makers.

Who can become a Peer Educator?

Essentially anyone between the ages of 11 to 18 can become a Peer Educator.

Why should I become a Peer Educator?

Becoming a Peer Educator is a positive CV builder. It demonstrates that you have the skills to help and support other people. It also shows you have empathy and understanding to a diverse and often complicated current social issue.

What do I need to give?

All you need to give is your time and dedication. We will provide the rest to make sure you get out as much as possible to benefit yourself. Please see below all the training dates.

Okay, how do I get involved?

Great, we are super glad you got here. All you need to do is fill in this simple and quick application form. You can download it to fill in or you can simply apply online. See, we are already making this process easier.