During these difficult times, it is hard to stay focused, and it is easier to forget what makes you happy. Our Y-Active team have put together a list of what makes them happy and what you can do if you’re worried about your wellbeing during the lockdown.


Make sure to stay connected with your friends, colleagues and loved ones, by calling or facetiming them on a daily basis. You can use many different types of technology to stay connected with them.


If you are feeling down, do not feel afraid to talk to others about it, because more often than not people are going through the same problems as you, and are having the same feelings and thoughts.


Make sure to add some sort of exercise to your daily routine such as walking, running or doing some virtual home workouts.


You should always get a good nights sleep. Make sure to get yourself into a good sleeping pattern and maintain at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night.

The Y-Active Leisure Centre want to help you to get back into a daily routine on what makes you happy. Try going on walks, runs or bike rides to get you through the day. If you are finding it challenging to stay fit and healthy during the lockdown, do some virtual home workouts ago.