Forum for Leaders to share ideas, to support, and to encourage each other in becoming the best leaders we can be

About this Event

The Leadership Forum meets to discuss and unpack world-class leadership content. We do this in the context of a leadership community where we encourage and support one another and hold each other accountable for making a difference. Each event will include a light breakfast followed by a videocast of a world-class leadership speaker, an opportunity to unpack that content as a group, and time to explore how these ideas can be put into practice in our own context so that we can help each other to make a positive difference within our own field of influence.

Time & Location

Friday 28 February

08:30 – 10:30

YMCA North Staffordshire

Benefits of Attending This Forum

  • Hear from world-class leadership development speakers
  • Explore fresh and challenging leadership perspectives
  • Engage in high-level debates and discussions to refine your ideas
  • Have fun and network with other like-minded leaders
  • Make a positive, measurable difference

YMCA North Staffordshire in partnership with the Global Leadership Network is launching a local Leader Development Forum on Friday 28 February. We invite you to our launch where you will have an input from a Global Leadership Network facilitated by Roger Fairhead – “Helping difference makers, make a difference.”

Who is it for?
Our forum welcomes leaders and emerging leaders from all areas including:

  • Business,
  • Education,
  • Not for Profit,
  • Social Sector,
  • Health Sector,
  • Faith Communities