“Food plays a big role in the life of many cultures and Bosnia and Herzegovina is no exception. Interestingly, I do not know one Bosnian or Herzegovinian who can cook exact portions for one or even two persons – not that we try. Our biggest fear is to let our guests go home hungry, so instead, we overfeed them….and give them a bit more to take home, while the rest we put safely in the fridge or freezer, just in case anybody gets hungry soon.

See below as we share with you our love for food, we asked some friends to send us their Bosnia and Herzegovinian recipes.

We hope they will inspire you enough to try them yourself or at least to look for some that do. Please, share your creations on social media using hashtag #BosnianFood“. Enjoy!

Listen to Phill Dann, as he takes you through step by step on how to prepare a well-known dish from Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). A cheese and spinach pie. Watch until the end to see how he got on!

Meet Lejla. Watch how Lejla and her mother show you how they cook their meals at home. Maybe you could take some tips and tricks from watching them!

Watch Sabiha, as she talks you through her favourite meal to make! Make sure to watch until the end to see the final product.

Take a look at how Adrian and his family prepare for the week of Remembering Srebrenica, as they put together a wonderful meal!