There is currently limited parking available at YMCA North Staffordshire.

At YMCA North Staffordshire, we are pleased to announce that we are investing in our city and its young people by building new accommodation flats on our Edinburgh House campus site in Hanley. For this reason, the car park will be redrawn to increase the number of spaces to 85, however, six will be lost on the Grace Crescent side of the facility.

There are parking spaces located on campus for visitors, guests and members but please be aware that these are now limited. Alternatively, there are parking spaces available at Hinde Street and Hanley Park North Car Park, the latter being the closest to the campus.

If you require disabled access to the campus facilities then please contact YMCA North Staffordshire prior to your visit and arrangements will be made.

We are constantly trying to improve our campus and ultimately our service to young people and our community. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this update.