YMCA Photo Competition 2019

Theme: Staffordshire

Entries: 01 May – 20 May

Exhibition dates: TBC

The YMCA photo competition is a free and open submission competition that is looking to seek out imagination and creativity. We want to bring Staffordshire together. We want to share the people, places and experiences of all our communities.

This competition is FREE to enter. Example themes that you can use are – People, hobbies & interests, views & scenery, creativity, and the communities in which we share.

After the selection process, if you are one of the finalists, your work will be presented in our exhibition.

We welcome entries from everyone, whether you are professional using the latest equipment, a beginner using your smartphone or an Instagram fan who can take an astonishing snap.

What to submit:

  • 1 original image that comprises of our theme (Staffordshire)
  • A statement of no more than 50 words of what this photo means to you, and include why you decided to take the photo
  • Contact details that include your social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or website

How to apply:

  • Apply by email to photo@ymcans.org.uk
  • Attach JPEG image of your work
  • Title your image to include your name
  • The entry email must include your attached image. Your full name, contact details, and social media profile. Plus your statement.

What happens next:

  • The selection process will take place shortly after the entry deadline
  • Finalists will be notified (TBC)
  • Winners will be announced at the exhibition’s opening night

Good luck