A community group from Stoke on Trent have been working towards positive social impact in the city and have produced the following film with support from the City Council, YMCA, Remembering Srebrenica and the BSBT partnership

“This video is a result of a joint project that took last September between several both local and national partners who have used the “Lessons from Srebrenica” and genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina to bring back positive messages of unity, tolerance and peace to Stoke-on-Trent.

We feel privileged that besides our Young People, we had the opportunity to share this experience with students of Staffordshire University, young local artists, successful businessmen, youth workers and government representatives.

This video is a confirmation of how much good and positivity can be created out of so much pain and loss, so long as we are willing to learn and accept that each and every one of us can make a difference. “

Aida, YMCA North Staffordshire

In Sept 2018, 9 People from mixed backgrounds from within our city formed a group, which visited Bosnia and  Herzegovina. The group learned about Genocide with particular reference to the events which unfolded in Srebrenica, demonstrating what can happen when hate prevails. Since their visit they have been ambassadors for positive social action, representing our city and working for the benefit of our communities, through attending events and presentations to talk about their experiences and learning. The group have been recognised for their efforts and present with an award by the  Minster of Faith on behalf of the UK Bosnian Community, the group also presented to the Minister for Countering Extremism receiving positive recognition for their community work.