YMCA North Staffordshire is proud to host YMCA’s 175th-anniversary roadshow, which launched earlier this year at the Houses of Parliament.

The roadshow has been co-produced and delivered by young people and will visit 10 local YMCAs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The roadshow will visit YMCA North Staffordshire 04 – 07 November


YMCA North Staffordshire 04 - 07 November 2019

We welcome local people, community groups and schools to visit the exhibition and to discover YMCA’s roots: its work during World War I and World War II; how YMCA helped in the development of the modern Olympic Games; and the role it performed during the opening up of Eastern Europe.

You will be inspired by the stories of the endeavours: from the birth of basketball at Springfield College in Massachusetts; George Williams’ drive to have YMCA recognised as an international movement; YMCA’s unrelenting role in wartime; and the art that has been created, often in the face of adversity.

YMCA was founded in London in 1844 and quickly grew around the country. YMCA’s first presence in Stoke came when YMCA held a public lecture at Hanley Town Hall on 23 December 1851.

Exhibit Open Times and Schedule

Monday 4 November, 10 am – Exhibit opening (Invited guests)

Tuesday 5 November, 9 am – 4 pm – Local Schools

Wednesday 6 November, 9 am – 4 pm – Community groups

Thursday 7 November, 9 am – 4 pm – Open to the public

Open to the public: 6 Nov 12 pm – 4 pm & 7 Nov 9 am – 4 pm

If you know of a school or group intrested in joining us for this sepcial exhibition please email info@ymcans.org.uk or call 01782 222376 ext 241

You can now express your interest to visit the YMCA 175 Heritage Exhibition and Roadshow here 

YMCA building in Marsh Street, Hanley

YMCA founder Sir George Williams (1821-1905)

Did you know?

Since 1844 there have been many YMCAs in North Staffordshire including:

  • Brown Edge YMCA
  • Hanley YMCA
  • Leek YMCA
  • Longton YMCA
  • Stafford YMCA
  • Stoke-on-Trent YMCA
  • Stone YMCA
  • Tunstall YMCA

Do you have any information, archives or pictures about YMCA in the Potteries? 

If you do, please email info@ymcans.org.uk