Friday 7 June 2019

9 am – 12 pm

To celebrate YMCA’s 175th anniversary in 2019, World YMCA has challenged people around the globe – with an emphasis on youth – to volunteer 175 minutes of their time to the betterment of our community. We want you to join us and celebrate YMCA’s 175th birthday.

We welcome everyone. Individuals, groups and organisations are invited to share their experiences on social media under #YMCAChallenge. We encourage you to join our 175 volunteer event that is focused on community and giving back.

What activities can I get involved with?

We have many jobs on the day for you to get involved with

  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Litter Clean Up (YMCA & Community, Hanley Park)
  • Spar Retail volunteer
  • Share your skills!
  • Volunteer at our organised charity Car Wash
  • Campus Tidy Time

At 12 pm, after you have provided a helping hand we invite you to join us for our FREE Community Meal

What is Campus Tidy Time?

YMCA staff and young people band together on the day prior to each Community Meal to tidy the campus. Daniel Flynn, CEO says “When you invite people round for food, the first thing you do is clean up”.

What is a Community Meal?

Our Community Meals are a special monthly event that takes place on the first Friday of each month. They bring people together from all around our city. It is a chance for people to enjoy a lovely atmosphere and delicious food. Oh, and it is all FREE.

For more information please contact 

All around the world different YMCA’s are asking their community to support this year’s YMCA World Challenge. Collectively we want to achieve 1.75 million minutes of volunteered action. If you cannot join us on Friday 7 June, then please support your community and join YMCA’s around the world on Saturday 8 June. If you’re planning on joining in the World Challenge be sure to share your experiences on social media under #YMCAChallenge #YMCA175 and log your progress with us.