14-year-old Robbie Fereday from Chell has taken top prize at the final of this year’s YMCA Photo Competition.

Twenty-Four finalists were voted on by the general public who attended today’s August Community Meal which was hosted by YMCA GO! Votes were counted after the 1 pm deadline and the results were as follows:

  • Winner – Robbie Fereday (16.4% of the final votes)
  • 2nd Place – Georgia Martin (10.9% of the final votes)
  • 3rd Place – David Crowther (8.9% of the final votes)

The theme of this year’s competition was ‘Staffordshire’.

The winning shot is titled ‘Robin’ and was taken during a family walk at Westport Lake, He was inspired to take the shot due to his Mother’s love of robins.

Georgia, from Chesterton, also captured her picture while walking around Westport Lake. The photo titled ‘Life’s Pathway’ is a remembrance to her late father.

David, who finished in third place, titled his captured shot as ‘Equality and Diversity’. David says, “It is a compelling image of the beauty and the diversity we have in Staffordshire.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry into this year’s competition, a huge well done to all the finalists and a huge well done to Robbie.

Keep taking photos of our beautiful county. #LoveStaffs

Robbie Fereday - WINNER

Georgia Martin - 2nd

David Crowther - 3rd

Young people of NCS patiently choose their favourite photo