18 September 2018


Take 5 minutes and read through our YMCA Summer 2018: The Impact of Summer Activities #YMCASummerThrive.

Summer 2018 was our most eventful, most active and unquestionably the greatest summer we have ever had.

Daniel Flynn, CEO, YMCA North Staffordshire said “It is more than just fun, it all means something – empowerment. After the summer when kids go back to school and parents reflect back to the summer that was. We know investing in children and young people (like all parents know too) is the best investment we can make, and we must equip our kids to make positive life choices.”

During the summer YMCA North Staffordshire worked with over 30 organisations, partners and friends to create the magic of summer 2018.

Jessica Smithson, a local teacher says “All children should have something fun to share when they come back to school and all parents should have affordable activities that enable them to have summer fun as a family without the worry of money.”

Just some of the quotes from parents over summer:

“What a fantastic opportunity!”

“This is amazing!”

“I remember using the YMCA when I was younger, it’s great for my children to use it now.”

“Accessing these activities is great for my children.”